What are the legal obligations ?

What happens if I move out and end my Tenancy Agreement early?

You are required to provide evidence that your Accommodation Provider has confirmed that you have been released from the Tenancy and there is no outstanding debt at the property. Otherwise you are still liable for all outstanding rent to the end of your Tenancy Agreement.

If you are on a monthly payment plan with Housing Hand you are still liable for the Guarantor service fee even if you have moved out early.

What is your refund policy?

We will consider giving you a refund if you have not yet moved into your new accommodation. We may charge you an administration fee of €80 depending on the reason for the cancellation.

If you are requesting a refund because you or your co-signer decided to cancel we will charge the administration fee. If the cancellation happened because your accommodation provider did not allow you to move in for some reason then we will not charge you an accommodation fee.

If you have completed your guarantor application process, we require evidence from the accommodation provider that you are not moving into/already living in the property.

We will pay any refund due within 28 days of receiving a request in writing.

Can my guarantor back out?

No. Once the AST and the Guarantor Deed have been signed we are legally bound for the fixed term of the tenancy. The only time in which it would be possible to back out of a guarantor agreement would be if the Guarantor Deed has not be seen signed yet.