What is a Co-signer?

Why do I need a co-signer?

A co-signer is a second point of contact for Housing Hand. They are jointly liable for repaying Housing Hand should you default on your rent.

If you have failed to pay your rent, we would attempt to contact you and arrange a suitable repayment plan. If we are unable to do so, or should the agreement be broken, your co-signer would then be contacted to pay what you owe.

Please note, on joint and several contracts, you and your cosigner are required to repay Housing Hand for housemates nonpayments that have have been made on your behalf.

Who cannot be a co-signer?

You cannot be a co-signer if you are:

• Not in work.
• Receiving Housing State Benefits.
• A student.
• Share the same address as that of the Tenant we guarantee.

International co-signers can be a parent or guardian in a foreign country subject to relevant identification checks.

Why can my co-signer not be my Guarantor?

Your co-signer may not be based in Ireland, be a homeowner or may not have sufficient income or credit history to be eligible to your landlord or letting agent.

Someone who might not be prepared to be your guarantor could be your co-signer as they are taking on a lesser risk than if they were a full guarantor.

Can I change a co-signer and what do I do?

Yes, you can if your co-signer has not signed our contract yet. You can do that online or contact Housing Hand immediately at +353 (01) 209 1909. and we can help you through the process.

My co-signer is abroad, what should we provide?

International co-signers should provide the following documents to enable the process:

Photographic ID (Passport, driver’s licence or national identification card)
Proof of residential address (utility bill or bank statement showing name and address and dated within the last 3 months).

Who can be my co-signer?

A co-signer is someone who will also sign the contract you have with Housing Hand. They may be someone who does not wish to, or does not meet the requirements to be your Irish rent guarantor directly.

Your co-signer is a second point of contact and is also jointly liable to repay Housing Hand for any monies paid out on your behalf if you default during your tenancy. They must have an income, however their credit history is not relevant. If you are from overseas, your co-signer does not need to be based in Ireland so can be a parent or friend in your home country.
Please also note that the co-signer can not be someone who lives in the same property.

Which documents should the co-signer provide?

To help you complete your application, your co-signer would have to provide:

Photographic ID (Passport, driver’s licence or national identification card)
Proof of residential address (utility bill or bank statement with name and address less than 3 months old).