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Registering to become a Guarantor Service Partner with Housing Hand is quick, easy and free. Housing Hand Partnerships provide all types of accommodation providers with a range of benefits for them and their tenants. Whether you are a Letting Agent, Landlord or part of a University, Housing Hand’s Guarantor Service can help you provide a value-added service that benefits both you and the tenant at no cost to yourself as all fees are recovered from the tenant. Read on or follow the links for the benefits suited to your role in the rented accommodation process or send us a quick enquiry to get the details from one of our team.

Benefits Guarantor Service Partners


By directing high-risk prospective tenants to our service you will never have to decline their business or risk losing business because of necessary upfront rental demands. Read our testimonials.


Our web generated leads are delivered automatically to our registered guarantor partners. They are region specific and include telephone contact details.


We stand as Irish guarantor for our referrals and are insured against any defaults or damages. Therefore each referral represents a low risk tenant.


We assign all of our accommodation partners a relationship manager who will work with you to answer any questions or discuss any issues.


To register as an accommodation provider please follow the relevant links below. You will then be sent a confirmation email which will be followed by contact from your dedicated account manager.

Why should you become a Rent Guarantor Partner?

Becoming a Guarantor Service Partner with Housing Hand is the best way for accommodation providers to get more tenants without increasing the risk of tenant default. Instead of having to turn away applicants that can’t find a Irish Guarantor, you can profit from a whole market of new tenants. Now you can accept international students and working professionals who cannot provide a Irish based guarantor – at no risk to you! Not only that, you will also benefit from our tenant referral services, drawn from our dedicated House Finder Service that helps thousands of tenants find property every year. It is free to register as an accommodation partner so why not enquire today?


Rent loss eliminated. Rental process streamlined. Accept a wider pool of prospective tenants, all at no cost to you.


Letting Agents

Stop turning away potentially great tenants. We’ll be their guarantor so you can close more tenancies.

Letting Agents


Help your students settle into accommodation with a trusted and respected service.


Guarantor Service Testimonials