Irish Landlords

Rent guarantor service for Landlords in the Republic of Ireland

Housing Hand is the only Irish rent guarantor service helping Irish Landlords with tenants that cannot provide a qualifying rent guarantor. We offer fully comprehensive cover of rent, damages and dilapidations for international students and working professionals. Irish Landlords benefit from a quick, easy solution to the guarantor problem as well as free property advertising, 100% Secured Rent and all at no cost to them or the Letting Agent Make a quick inquiry to get your partnership started today.

Read on to see the many benefits of working with Housing Hand or follow the links to find out the process for Landlords who have tenants that need a rent guarantor.


No Rent Loss

Eliminates the risk of rent loss due to renter default – at no cost to the landlord or Letting Agent.

Increased Occupancy

Increases your occupancies due to larger pool of creditworthy applicants.

Streamlined Rental Process

Streamlines and facilitates the entire rental process between the renter and the landlord in circumstances where international students and working professionals struggle with the language barrier and the Republic of Ireland’s rental system.


Guarantees the full rent obligation under the Tenancy Agreement.

Resolve Disputes

Mediate any disputes and ensure they are resolved quickly.

Find New Tenants

Find replacement tenants (through the Free Irish House Finder Service) should tenants drop out during the length of the tenancy agreement meaning vacant rooms are quickly filled.

How does the Housing Hand Rent Guarantor Service Work for Landlords?

When an Irish Landlord has a tenant that cannot provide a qualifying rent guarantor, they simply need to point the tenant in the direction of Housing Hand’s application process. From there, the tenant will be able to get confirmation of their eligibility and a quote for using the Rent Guarantor Service in minutes. For tenants that have qualified, they will be guided through the process online, providing documents and then making payment. Our fee is recovered directly from the tenant and is based on their rent but starts at €50 per month over 8 monthly instalments or the tenant can save up to 15% by paying as a one-off fee, starting from €350. Once Housing Hand have received the first payment, we are able to return a signed Guarantor form.

Never lose a tenant again!

No longer will you have to turn away perfectly valid tenants because they cannot supply a qualifying Ireland-based guarantor! Housing Hand provides you with a safe way of ensuring you are able to rent out your property, without any risk of defaulting tenants. We are the rent guarantor service trusted by thousands of landlords and other accommodation providers every year. Although landlords still need to evaluate multiple risks associated with each renter, the Housing Hand Rent Guarantor Service eliminates the risk of rent loss. Instead of chasing after many different individual guarantors, landlords will have the security of dealing with a single, trusted company.


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Letting agents

Stop turning away potentially great tenants. We’ll be their guarantor so you can close more tenancies.

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Help your students settle into accommodation with a trusted and respected service.