Rebate 'Money Back' scheme

Students needing to use our UK rent guarantor service will be pleased to know that Housing Hand offers a rebate ‘money back’ scheme for all our student guarantee tenants. We’re sorry, but Housing Hand does not currently offer a rebate option for working professional tenants or those students who chose the pay monthly option.

For those that do not know, a ‘rebate’ is essentially a ‘money back’ scheme. The amount of money back a student is entitled to is dependant on the length of time they use our student rent guarantor service as follows.

Home much money back can i get?

Students can benefit from an exclusive, incremental money back offer. They can expect 15% of their first fee back, or 30% of their second fee, or 45% of their third fee.

*Please note* Students who have received a reduced fee due to an arrangement with their University and or Accommodation Provider will not be eligible for the rebate. Only students that pay their HH fee upfront are eligible for a rebate. Students must request their rebate within 28 days of the end of the tenancy agreement and rebates are not paid out prior to the end of the tenancy agreement. The rebate is paid within 28 days of bank details received for the rebate, and to avoid money laundering, these must be the tenants account details only. Rebates are paid out if no breach of your tenancy agreement has taken place during the period of the tenancy. The rebate will be subject to a check with your accommodation provider to confirm all of your rent was paid on time and can only be paid out once your tenancy has ended. If you chose to redeem your rebate, your rebate for any subsequent years will reset to the original 15%.

Applying for your money back rebate

You are only eligible for a rebate once the following has been completed. Please forward to [email protected] an email from your letting agent or landlord confirming the following details: The Tenancy Agreement with the Letting Agent and or Landlord has been completed; The keys have been returned to the Landlord. Any additional charges incurred during the Tenancy has been paid by the Tenant. The Tenant must request the rebate within 28 (twenty-eight) days of the end of the tenancy providing

all the required information to successfully rebate has been supplied.

Please could you send us all the necessary bank details listed below, once you have left your accommodation, so we can start your payment procedure.

UK Bank Transfers:

-Card Holders name

-Account Number

-Sort Code

International Bank Transfers:

-Cardholders name and address



-Address of bank

Should you have any further questions regarding our rebate process please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or you can consult our Knowledge Base and Terms and Conditions.