Renew now to save 10% on next year's fee

If you renew your Irish Rent Guarantor now, you can save 10% on your  Housing Hand fee! Whether you are staying in the same place, or looking for new property to rent with a new letting agent, renewing now saves money and the stress of sorting it last minute. If you are staying in the same property and your contract roles over, your rent will no longer be covered!

How to Renew your Irish Rent Guarantor

For international students and working professionals looking to renew their guarantor service, simply log in to your Housing Hand account, and click “renew”.

Remember, you do not need to be staying in the same property or with the same accommodation provider. You can also renew your rent guarantor if you are changing from being a student to a working professional and you also don’t have to wait until your tenancy is ending!

Save 10% and Renew now