Landlords and Housing Hand

What does Housing Hand guarantor service cover?

As your guarantor for rent, Housing Hand will be expected to cover any rental default and also other costs incurred as detailed in your Tenancy Agreement, including damages costing more than the deposit or Joint and Several liabilities. Basically, we cover whatever is specified in the signed guarantor agreement.

Can Housing Hand be reference checked?

Yes, Housing Hand can be credit checked and referenced by a large number of referencing companies such as Lettings Hub, Let Alliance and Homelet among many others.  For any companies who are not able to reference us, you can get a Fast Track reference from Homelet – contact our office for further details.

How long does Housing Hand guarantee the tenant for?

It depends on the length of the tenancy agreement. Each case is dealt with on an individual basis, so there is no standard answer, but typically, for an international student: 12 months.

For periods longer than 12 months, the tenant will need to renew their application by logging back in and clicking “renew” at the appropriate time.

I would like to let my property, how long does it take to guarantee a tenant?

Housing Hand can process your tenant’s application within one day as all parts of the process can be completed online and we have a policy to provide an immediate response so long as we receive all the required paperwork/documents.

Please note that the speed of the process is heavily dependent on the applicant completing the full online application, making the appropriate payment and signing the contract with us. We can only move at the speed they set. On our side, if it is an urgent case, we will do everything we can to expedite the process.

Can my guarantor back out?

No. Once the AST and the Guarantor Deed have been signed we are legally bound for the fixed term of the tenancy. The only time in which it would be possible to back out of a guarantor agreement would be if the Guarantor Deed has not be seen signed yet.