How much does it cost?

How much does the Housing Hand Rent Guarantor Service Cost?

The Rent Guarantor Service cost is determined on your rent and your circumstances but starts at €50 per month for 8 months (only available on tenancies of 8 months or longer). The best way to find out exactly how much using Housing Hand as your Irish Rent Guarantor is to fill in our free, quick and easy online form that will give you a quote in minutes based on your details. For information on how the pricing works, see below.

For an international student: Housing Hand charges a one off fee at the beginning of your tenancy. The fee is calculated on your course and location details. You can get an instant no obligation quote by making an application online. The cost of the service will be 45% of your share of the monthly rent, subject to a minimum of  €350.

*Remember, you can pay one time upfront or split your payments over 8 months (only available on tenancies of 8 months or longer). This option will be offered when you have generated a quote via our free, quick and easy online form.

Can I pay monthly for the guarantor service?

Yes. If you can’t pay the full guarantor fee upfront, Housing Hand offers a monthly payment option where your fee payment is spread over an 8 month period (only available on tenancies of 8 months or longer). We want to make things easy for you to move in quickly !

How do I pay for the service?

We use the Stripe as our payments processor so that you can pay with a credit or debit card online through our website.

Alternatively, once you have applied online, one of our Housing Officers will call you to take your payment. Payment can be made by telephone by bank or credit card (excluding American Express) or by bank transfer. The contract cannot start until full receipt of cleared funds; a receipt will be emailed immediately upon payment to the applicant or cardholder.