IRE OK Recently Moved-in Student Room Life Hacks

As a university student, keeping your grades up, having a relentless social life (FOMO) and after all, that, getting more than a couple of hours of sleep per night easily takes up around 99% of your time and attention. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most student rooms quickly fall into disarray. In order to even make it to the final stretch of the semester (including final exams!), use these student room life hacks to make your room (and life!) as organised, efficient and productive as possible without breaking the bank.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

All right, this tried and true saying might be referring to something other than organising your student living space, but it still holds true. Refrain from blowing your budget on a total room-overhaul and take a good look at what you already own. Chances are, you’re much closer to an Instagram-worthy living space than you realise. The first and cheapest new-room life hack is to shop in your own closet! If you’re feeling uninspired, check out these clever ways to bring some tired items back to life:

  • Double your closet space in minutes with this ingenious hanger-hack!

  • Create gorgeous globe lights with some old Ping-Pong balls.

  • Turn an old cake pan into a minimalistic shelf for a bit of style and storage with this super-easy hack.

Efficiency over Excess

When in doubt, keep it simple. Student rooms are all about efficiency over excess. As a university student, you’re constantly presented with new challenges while juggling a semester’s worth of coursework. Therefore, one of the most important student life hacks is to inject simplicity and efficiency into your life wherever possible to keep things running smoothly. Stick to the basics with simple furniture (think IKEA!) and decrease clutter wherever you can. Here are some simple life hacks to make your student room as efficient as possible:

The lower your utility bill, the larger your weekend budget.

Small, everyday decisions make a big impact on your overall financial situation. Not only is it totally possible to organise your student room for cheap (see: the previous paragraph for ideas on how to shop in your own closet!), but keeping your space organised and functional will actually save you money. For example, a desk lamp will save you money on utilities since it stops you from keeping all of the lights on during an all-night study session, and keeping your keys in a bowl by the front door saves you the cost of having a new set made each time you misplace them (always check between the sofa cushions first). Here are a few student room hacks that definitely won’t break the bank:

  • Learn how to create a DIY picture-frame key holder in a few minutes here.
  • Save each month by monitoring your energy usage with these smartphone apps.

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More space saving student life hacks

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